In River Kids, it is our mission to partner with families in the pursuit of raising children who know and love Jesus, love people, and make disciples of others. We strive to provide a safe, fun, and inclusive environment for kids to learn and grow in their faith! 

Sundays  10AM

Nursery (Ages 0-2)

Our nursery is a place where babies and toddlers can explore and learn in a clean, safe and loving environment. Volunteers are attentive and caring, always striving to make sure that each child’s needs are met while in their care. Additional rooms are available for nursing mothers and babies who might need a quiet place to nap while parents enjoy service.

River Kids Jr. (Ages 3 – Kindergarten)

In River Kids Jr., we strive to teach our littles about Jesus in a way that is fun, safe, and developmentally appropriate. Kids learn more in their first 5 years of life than they ever will again, and because we know that they are growing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, we are committed to investing in these preschool years. Our Jr. River Kids will learn about Jesus by participating in fun activities that involve all of their senses. Each service is packed with music, movement, arts & crafts, and lots of play to ensure that we are engaging their brains and helping them learn. It is our hope that by the time they move on to River Kids, they have an understanding that they were created by God, that God loves them, and that God has a plan for their lives.


River Kids (1st-5th Grade)

In River Kids, our goal is to create a fun environment where kids can feel safe and loved while learning about and encountering Jesus. In the Elementary phase, kids are concrete thinkers, so a lot of the learning that takes place happens through repetition, clear application, and fun games that represent the many truths found in the Bible. Our hope is that by the time kids are ready to move on to Middle School they have an understanding that Jesus loves them and is trustworthy, that they have a God-given purpose, and that they have access to God at all times through the Holy Spirit.